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Gongyi bright metallurgical Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. is located in Chinas high quality bauxite raw material mining land in the southwest of Gongyi City, Henan Province, is the hometown of Shi Sheng Du Fu, south of the beautiful scenery of the central mountain in Songshan, the north by the Longhai railway, Lian Huo high-speed and 310 National Road, convenient transportation, bauxite resources are rich. For more than ten years, our factory has trained a large number of professional talents with the help of scientific research units and users. On the basis of extensive absorption of advanced production technology, we have developed a complete set o...


Annual production of millions of tons of products, products exported to South Korea, Iran, Istanbul, Vietnam and other countries, and received good praise!



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Gongyi city Xi Cun Di Dong Cun, Baiyun Road West 0371-64019999 674008898@qq。com
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